Table 3 Regression models showing changes in trends for anti-industry beliefs after budget cuts among never smokers
Independent variableModel 1 β coefficient (95 CI)Model 2 β coefficient (95 CI)
Survey wave0.21*** (0.14 to 0.28)0.21*** (0.14 to 0.28)
Indicator for period after budget cuts (September 1999 and beyond)0.05 (−0.14 to 0.24)0.28* (0.04 to 0.53)
Interaction term, survey wave x budget cuts (reduction in upward trend)−0.15 (−0.36 to 0.06)−0.42** (−0.69 to −0.15)
Confirmed recall, national “truth”0.06** (0.02 to 0.10)
Total n46244624
  • Data are standardised linear regression coefficients for survey wave, budget cuts, the interaction between survey wave and budget cuts, and confirmed national “truth” recall in multivariate models controlling for age, gender, race/ethnicity and household characteristics.

  • *p<0.05; **p<0.01; ***p<0.001.