Table 4 Lucky Strike’s paid Hollywood endorsements, 1937–8
ActorMovie(s) and studio(s) promotedPayment (US$)2008 value (US$)
Beery, Wallace70The Mad Man of Brimstone (MGM)$10 000$146 583
Bennett, Constance63Topper (MGM)$6000$87 950
Boyer, Charles71Tovarich (Warner Bros)$3000$43 975
Carroll, Madeleine63The Prisoner of Zenda (Selznick)$3000$43 975
Claire, Marion62$750$10 994
Colbert, Claudette63Maid of Salem (Paramount), I Met Him in Paris (Paramount)$10 000$146 583
Cooper, Gary63The Adventures of Marco Polo (MGM), Souls At Sea (Paramount)$10 000$146 583
Crawford, Joan63The Bride Wore Red (MGM)$10 000$146 583
Eilers, Sally47We Have Our Moments (Universal)$3000$43 975
Fonda, Henry72$3000$43 975
Gable, Clark69Saratoga (MGM)$10 000$146 583
Gaxton, William62$1250$18 323
Hope, Bob72$2500$36 646
Hopkins, Miriam 63The Woman I Love (RKO)$5000$73 292
Lawrence, Gertrude68$1750$25 652
Lombard, Carole63Swing High, Swing Low (Paramount), True Confession (Paramount)$10 000$146 583
Loy, Myrna63Man Proof (MGM), Double Wedding (MGM)$10 000$146 583
MacMurray, Fred59Exclusive (Paramount)$6000$87 950
Marshall, Herbert63Angel (Paramount), A Love Like That (RKO)$10 000$146 583
McLaglen, Victor59Cavalcade (20th Century Fox), Wee Willie Winkie (20th Century Fox)$6000$87 950
Merivale, Philip59$3000$43 975
Michael, Gertrude59$2000$29 317
Milland, Ray59$2000$29 317
Montgomery, Robert59Live, Love, and Learn (MGM)$10 000$146 583
Nagel, Conrad73$1500$21 988
Navarro, Ramon73$1500$21 988
Powell, Richard59Hollywood Hotel (Warner Bros)$5000$73 292
Raft, George74$3000$43 975
Raymond, Gene74Three on A Latchkey (RKO)$3000$43 975
Rhodes, Erik74$2000$29 317
Robinson, Edward74Kid Galahad (Warner Bros)$3000$43 975
Ross, Shirley74$3000$43 975
Ruggles, Charles74Turn Off the Moon (aka Honeymoon Cottage) (Paramount)$3000$43 975
Sothern, Ann75She’s Got Everything (RKO), Don’t Forget to Remember (RKO)$3000$43 975
Stanwyck, Barbara76The Plough and the Stars (RKO)$10 000$146 583
Sullivan, Margaret77$10 000$146 583
Swanson, Gloria75$1500$21 988
Taylor, Robert63Broadway Melody of 1938 (MGM), Yank at Oxford (MGM)$10 000$146 583
Tobin, Genevieve78$3000$43 975
Tracy, Spencer78Captains Courageous (MGM), Mannequin (MGM)$10 000$146 583
Worth, Constance79$2000$29 317
Wyatt, Jane79Lost Horizon (Columbia)$6000$87 950
Total$218 750$3 208 518
  • This list only includes actors who endorsed Lucky Strike in advertisements and for whom pay agreements exist today. For example, actors Cary Grant, Janet Gaynor and Bette Davis appeared in Lucky Strike adverts in 1937,27 but their endorsement contracts were not found.