Table 2 Characteristics of baseline current smokers by type of past NSNRT usage (unweighted n = 3084)†
Any past NSNRT only to cut down (n = 349)Any past NSNRT only to delay (n = 77)Any past NSNRT to cut down and delay (n = 137)No past NSNRT (n = 2521)
Demographic characteristics
Marital status***
    Married/living with partner61.764.651.048.8
    Never been married16.027.230.833.0
    Less than high school11.47.46.410.2
    High school37.128.635.439.6
    Some college27.739.830.026.1
    BA or higher23.924.228.224.1
    ⩽$30 00025.413.228.027.5
    $30 001–50 00028.
    $50 001–75 00025.633.228.523.3
    $75 000+20.927.624.523.7
Smoking behaviour
Cigarettes per day***
1st cigarette <30 minutes after waking***64.666.068.848.7
Plans to quit
In next 6 months33.433.333.631.4
In the next 30 days32.936.929.329.5
Made a quit attempt in past year***57.243.453.243.3
Received help from a medical professional at last quit attempt**
  • †Table entries are weighted percentages, column totals for certain characteristics may not sum to 100% because of rounding; *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.