Table 2

Summary statistics of nicotine concentrations by smoking behaviour

Smoking behaviourNicotine (μg/m3)
(n = 48)* (%)MedianMeanMinimumMaximumSEp Value
Participant smoking status:
    Non-smokers33 (69)0.060.21<LOD1.810.07
    Smokers15 (31)2.936.570.0926.922.26<0.0001
Number of smokers in household:
    No response†7 (15)0.040.21<LOD1.110.15
    023 (48)0.060.09<LOD0.280.02
    111 (22)1.814.090.0924.832.15
    27 (15)<0.0001
Visitors smoke in home:
    No32 (67)0.071.07<LOD26.920.84
    Yes16 (33)2.174.460.0424.831.68<0.0001
Smoking source:
    No response†7 (15)0.040.21<LOD1.110.15
    None21 (44)0.040.08<LOD0.280.02
    Visitors only2 (4)
    Residents only5 (10)0.696.220.3026.925.19
    Resident and visitor smoking13 (27)2.935.450.0924.831.98<0.0001
Number of cigarettes smoked in home:
    No response†18 (38)0.040.13<LOD1.110.06
    0 cigs/day14 (30)0.110.310.032.530.18
    1–5 cigs/day5 (10)1.192.480.097.111.26
    6–10 cigs/day5 (10)1.811.690.303.130.54
    11–19 cigs/day2 (4)
    ⩾20 cigs/day (a pack or more)4 (8)15.7414.840.9626.926.49<0.0001
Home classification:
    Non-smoking homes‡19 (46)0.040.08<LOD0.280.02
    Smoking homes¶22 (54)1.504.66<LOD26.921.65<0.0001
  • *One passive nicotine sample was subject to equipment problems and was excluded from the analysis.

  • †Data not available for entire cohort.

  • ‡Smoke-free homes where neither household members nor visitors smoked in the residence.

  • ¶Homes with one or more smokers in the household, and/or smoking visitors. Includes data from smoke-free homes where signs of smoking (that is, active smoking, visible cigarettes, cigars, ashtrays with ashes, matches or lighters, and/or smoking odour) were observed during the visual inspection.