Table 1 Industry quotes highlighting the use of SLT products in a changing cigarette market
BAT, no date—development of a moist snuff product“To capitalise on the potential downtrend of the smoking habit as the only means of achieving nicotine satisfaction by participating in a parallel product market which is free of social/health concerns, and with attractive profitability potential”16
PM, 1984—review of SLT market“Future prohibitions against smoking in public places, work settings, etc, combined with increasing concern for the smoking and health issue, could provide an impetus for smokers to switch to an alternative product”9
RJR, 2003—cigarette alternative project“Other sources concur, observing that increased bans on cigarette smoking should benefit the ST [smokeless tobacco] industry”17
RJR, 2003—cigarette alternative project“Is there likely to be a cigarette alternative category? Yes, bans and risk reduction will be drivers…It’s difficult to be a smoker today”17