Table 2 Cigarette manufacturers SLT development projects
Project nameCompany, dateGoalProduct description
Project Visa—smokeless tobacco (eg, snuff)40BAT, 1988Explore smokeless as nicotine alternative product—may be useful in terms of new ways of “smoking”Smokeless tobacco—plug, snuff, etc
Project Specialty Tobacco Products (STP)31 41RJR, 1983Position RJR as a primary competitor in the moist snuff tobacco marketDedicate resources to new moist snuff brand under Project WSS/WSC
Project WSH35 36RJR, 1981Compete with SLT products by increasing tobacco satisfaction with more tobacco taste, improve freshness perceptionFlavoured prototypes tested among 18–34 flavoured moist snuff users, results showed further improvements necessary
Project WSS42 43RJR, 1983Target skoal users, age 18–34, blue collar, high school educated malesWintergreen flavour smokeless tobacco—“Refreshing tobacco taste that satisfies the active man”
Project WSC42 44RJR, 1983Target Copenhagen users, 18–34Natural flavoured smokeless product
New Brand Development45Lorillard, 1978Capitalise on market trends and reassure smokers facing “smoking controversy”Snuff for cigarette smokers
Project MARS17RJR, 2003Develop a cigarette alternative that delivers tobacco satisfaction for smokers in situations when they cannot or choose not to smokeFocus group research indicated interest in a cigarette alternative especially among heavy smokers and adult smokers over 30