Table 1

National level bans on advertising, promotion and sponsorship in China

National television and radioYes
International television and radioYes
Local magazines/newspapersYes
International magazines/newspapersYes
Billboards/outdoor advertisingNo
Point of saleNo
The internetNo
Free distributionNo
Promotional discountsNo
Non-tobacco products with tobacco brand namesNo
Non-tobacco brand used for tobacco product*No
Appearance of tobacco products in television and/or filmsNo
Sponsored eventsNo
  • * For example, a brand of sports shoe on a pack of cigarettes.

  • Enforcement score represents the cumulative score out of a maximum of 10 from 5 experts who were asked to rank enforcement as minimal (0 points), moderate (1 point) or full (2 points). In the absence of any intervention, the enforcement score is not applicable. (Source: World Health Organization report on the global tobacco epidemic15).