Table 1

Australian state/territory tobacco licensing requirements (as of September 2008)

State/territoryLicence requirementsFee*Special conditions
Australian Capital Territory (ACT)Offence to sell tobacco products unless a person holds a wholesale tobacco merchant’s licence or a retail tobacconist’s licence21$200Licences can be suspended or cancelled for up to 5 years for violations
New South Wales (NSW)A licensing scheme will be introduced for tobacco retailers (announced July 2008)22$100 or $250 for specialist tobacconists (estimated to be 400 of these)Shops caught selling cigarettes to children or breaching other regulations will be stopped from selling tobacco23
Victoria (VIC)No license needed; however the right to sell can be removed by a court for selling to minorsN/AThird offence of selling to a minor is punishable with a 5-year mandatory removal of the ability to sell tobacco from the premises24
Queensland (QLD)No licensing requirements25N/AOn-the-spot and court ordered fines for violating tobacco sales regulations
Tasmania (TAS)Any premises selling tobacco products must have a tobacco seller’s licence$180Retailers who are found to have sold cigarettes face immediate prosecution and a maximum fine of $5000 for a first offence and $10 000 for a subsequent offence and licence cancellation26
Northern Territory (NT)All vendors must be licensedNoneA licence will only permit the sale of tobacco at the specified premise (ie, roaming cigarette sales are banned, but vehicles can act as mobile vendors at outdoor events)27
Western Australia (WA)Anyone who sells a tobacco product either by retail sale, wholesale sale or indirect† sale requires a licence28$200, $500 for a wholesale licenseSearchable public register of all tobacco retail licenses29
South Australia (SA)All tobacco retailers must hold a Retail Tobacco Merchant’s Licence$215 (as of July 2008, indexed annually)On-the-spot fines ($315) apply for the sale or supply of tobacco products to children. Inspectors are also able to proceed with prosecutions in court if deemed appropriate. Maximum penalty $500030
  • *In Australian dollars; †an indirect sale is where the seller and the purchaser are not in the same place at the same time, for example, a sale by telephone, fax, mail order or via the internet.