Table 4

Smoking behaviour, attitudes, knowledge, health risk knowledge (%) among RFS and UFS, China, 2008

TotalRFSUFSp Values*
Sample sizeN=11095N=4920N=6175
Smoking behaviour (%)
Mean age first puff12.7±4.3 years12.3±4.3 years13.0±4.3 years
 Established smoking1.7%0.9%2.4%<0.01
 Current smoking3.2%1.9%4.2%<0.01
 Intention to smoke2.7%1.7%3.5%<0.01
Smoking environment (%)
 Father smokes72.0%75.7%69.1%<0.01
 Mother smokes4.4%4.4%4.4%=0.96
 Teacher smokes37.3%41.8%33.7%<0.01
Attitude towards female smokers (%)
Appears cool8.4%7.5%9.1%<0.01
 Appears independent19.3%17.9%20.3%<0.01
 Appears charismatic7.5%5.8%8.9%<0.01
Knowledge regarding CMFW (%)
 Heard of CMFW68.6%61.3%74.5%<0.01
 Seen CMFW45.2%34.2%54.0%<0.01
 Tried CMFW7.2%4.1%9.6%<0.01
Health risk knowledge (%)
 Believe smoking is very harmful86.8%87.8%86.0%=0.09
 Believe smoking increases risk of CV disease65.1%62.2%67.5%<0.01
 Believe smoking increases risk of lung cancer95.7%94.5%96.6%<0.01
 Believe smoking increases risk of hepatitis69.3%71.2%67.7%<0.01
Obtain smoke health risk information via (%)
Knowledge and attitudes towards China anti-tobacco policies (%)
 Knowledge of anti-minor tobacco sale law70.9%69.6%72.0%<0.01
 Support of anti-minor tobacco sale law72.6%74.1%71.5%<0.01
 Support of anti-tobacco advertisement law58.2%61.6%55.5%<0.01
  • * by χ2 test.

  • CMFW, cigarettes made for women; CV, cardiovascular; RFS, rural female students; UFS, urban female students.