Table 2 Results for CEMA 2000 project (percentages)
Czech Republic (n = 1117)Hungary (n = 1052)Romania (n = N/A)Switzerland (n = 1006)
It is socially acceptable to smoke39*60*4662
Smokers considerate of non-smokers35/12†25*N/A44
Non-smokers are tolerant of smokers40/60†52*N/A46
Youth smoking is a major concern5585‡4684
Health risks associated with smoking are a major concern5892‡39*65
Second-hand smoke is a major concern50734230
Worried about perceived health risks associated with passive smoking7374N/AN/A
Tobacco companies advertise and market their products to youth27151833
Support minimum age to buy tobacco9081N/A72
Support complete ban on smokingN/A9/41§N/A10
Support ban on smoking in restaurants50*69*N/A37¶
Support ban on smoking in workplace84*68*N/A60
Support government reduce levels of tar and nicotine9285N/A69
Support larger health warnings on packages6884N/A69
Increase tax to pay for health care costs71*78**N/A67
Government suing US companies in court to recover health care costs35*33*N/A33
Individuals suing US companies in court to recover health care costs18*32*N/A27
Awareness of PM local affiliate (very well)3713N/AN/A
Awareness of PM (very well)1517N/AN/A
Favourability of local affiliate (favourable:unfavourable ratio)2.72.5N/AN/A
Favourability of PM (favourable:unfavourable ratio)3.06.0N/A0.81
Activity with strongest impact on company favourabilityProvide flood assistanceSupport homeless sheltersN/ASupport social causes
  • †Attentive public; *smoker/non-smoker; ‡“concern”; §ban of cigarettes, by smoker/non-smoker; ¶bars and restaurants; **tax on tobacco manufacturers.

  • CEMA, Central Europe, the Middle East and Africa marketing region; N/A, not applicable; PM, Philip Morris.