Table 3 Attitudes to smoking bans
All (%)18–34 (%)35–54 (%)55+ (%)Non-smokers (%)Smokers (%)All (%)18–34 (%)35–54 (%)55+ (%)Non-smokers (%)Smokers (%)
Support for ban in restaurants
    Total ban26.121.124.936.036.918.838.127.639.645.941.023.6
    Provision of equal smoking/non-smoking areas46.349.946.939.739.850.742.254.743.129.839.157.9
    Provision of small non-smoking area12.016.611.45.610.
    No ban4.
Support for ban in public transport
    Total ban51.944.554.459.264.743.365.755.564.576.468.751.1
    Smoking in designated places38.545.238.827.627.545.928.437.330.717.825.841.7
    No change from current3.
Is it acceptable for doctor to smoke in presence of patient?
    Yes, but not on duty18.315.024.01.412.921.911.
    Yes, in smoking area13.014.912.610.69.215.510.413.
  • Those responding “difficult to say” not reported so columns may not add up to 100%.