Table 4 Health beliefs
All (%)18–34 (%)35–54 (%)55+ (%)Non-smokers (%)Smokers (%)All (%)18–34 (%)35–54 (%)55+ (%)Non-smokers (%)Smokers (%)
Is nicotine addictive?
    Yes, like illicit drugs37.
    Yes, but less than illicit drugs49.046.650.949.943.752.642.244.745.236.741.148.2
    Yes, but easily overcome8.
Does smoking shorten life?
    Yes, only for people with cancer4.
    Yes, by 1–2 years12.712.515.18.88.515.
    Yes, by 3–5 years33.333.832.833.435.032.233.530.435.434.134.627.8
    Yes, by more than 5 years24.321.024.928.535.716.734.628.834.539.937.818.4
Secondhand smoke:
    Severely harmful to adults and children60.757.862.961.671.853.375.368.975.281.477.365.4
    Harmful only for some people if exposure heavy20.020.819.619.617.221.914.818.716.59.313.521.3
    Affects health but only slightly11.412.911.19.65.815.
    No harm3.
Light cigarettes safer than regular ones
    Percentage yes28.928.431.325.522.333.320.728.019.615.318.432.5
  • Those responding “difficult to say” not reported so columns may not add up to 100%.