Table 1 Demographics and smoking history of cigarette and narghile smokers
Cigarette smokers (n = 16)Narghile smokers (n = 16)
Gender (male/female)13/313/3
Mode of smoking:
    Cigarettes exclusively
    Narghile exclusively1211
    Cigarettes or narghile predominantly45
Years smoking, mean (SD)18.3 (11.2)9.9 (10.6)
Age of initiation:
    > 2505
Smoking initiation:
    With friends1214
    With family12
Frequency of current smoking:
    Less than Daily06
Family’s attitude toward tobacco use:
Previous attempt(s) to quit:
Cause of relapse:
    Friends’ influence7 of 132 of 3
    “Stress”4 of 13
    Withdrawal symptoms1 of 131 of 3
    “Nervousness”1 of 13