Table 3 Percentages of quit attempts reported as being triggered by different factors in relation to age
TriggerAgeSignificance (linear)
16 to 2425 to 3435 to 4445 to 5455 to 6465+
Advice from a GP/health professional5.<0.001***
TV advert for a nicotine replacement product3.<0.001***
Government TV/radio/press advert3.
Hearing about a new stop smoking treatment1.
A decision that smoking was too expensive13.510.
Being faced with smoking restrictions3.
I knew someone else who was stopping6.**
Seeing a health warning on a cigarette packet1.
Being contacted by my local NHS Stop Smoking Services0.
Health problems I had at the time14.113.116.522.725.632.6<0.001***
A concern about future health problems21.035.731.430.627.619.4<0.001*** (NL)
Any health reason†35.349.748.853.654.253.2<0.001***
Pressure from family to stop2.
Worried for children2.
Knew someone who was ill or had died (from smoking)
Just decided to quit4.*
Health reasons, general0.
Not stated/don’t know14.811.<0.001***
  • *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001; NL, non-linear association.

  • †Composite health variable combining the triggers of current and future health concern, and health reasons (unspecified as current or future).