Table 1

Enrolment and quitting by deprivation and ethnicity

Calculations (letters refer to rows)Least deprived quintileMost deprived quintilep ValueLowest Māori quintileHighest Māori quintilep Value
(a) No in Christchurch 200173 02042 75049 29361 605
(b) No enrolled in PEGS1425220311652972
% Of population enrolled(b/a)×1002.05.2<0.0012.44.8<0.001
% Of enrolees from quintile12.619.5<0.00110.326.2<0.001
(c) No of smokers 1996674410 767537313 740
(d) No of smokers 2006618910 554488713 962
(e) Change in smokers 96–2006c−d−555−213−486+222
(f) Imputed smokers 2001c+(e/2)6466.510 660.5513013 851
% Of quintile population smoking 2001(f/a)×1008.924.9<0.00110.422.5<0.001
% Of 2001 smokers enrolled(b/f)×10022.020.70.03322.721.50.063
Follow-up at 6 months
(g) No of enrolees followed up99515028072020
% Of enrolees followed up(g/b)×10069.868.269.368.0
(h) No of enrolees who quit359385294532
% Who quit of those followed up(h/g)×10036.125.6<0.00136.426.3<0.001
% Who quit of those enrolled(h/b)×10025.217.5<0.00125.217.9<0.001
Adjustments to quit rate
(i) No who quit if 37.5% relapseh×625224.4240.6183.8332.5
(j) No likely to quit without PEGSi×0255.
(k) No who quit because of PEGSi−j218.8234.6179.2324.2
PEGS impact on Christchurch population
(l) Estimated No smoking 2006 without Pegasusd+k6407.810 788.65066.214 286.2
(m) No in Christchurch 200674 29844 54151 64263 330
% Smoking 2006(d/m)×1008.323.79.522.0
Estimated % smoking 2006 without PEGS(l/m)×1008.624.29.822.6