Table 2

Percentage of tobacco industry sponsored events by tobacco company*, 2001–2003 and 2006–2008

Tobacco company200120022003200620072008
Philip Morris/Altria19.120.711.55.015.621.1
RJ Reynolds25.06.913.12.52.20
Swedish Match001.1000
  • * A single event may have been sponsored by multiple tobacco companies or brands. If a tobacco company and one or more of its brands were event sponsors, the sponsorship was counted only once for the tobacco company (eg, a dual Skoal and Copenhagen sponsorship was only counted as one USST sponsored event). If an event was sponsored by brands of two different tobacco companies, the sponsorship was counted twice, once for each tobacco company, (eg, if an event were sponsored by both Winston and Skoal it was counted as one RJR sponsored event and as one USST sponsored event).