Table 6

2002–2008: percentage of stores with at least one cigarette advertisement promoting a price discount and placement of advertising in a location that may appeal to youths

Saturation or placement2002* (n=569)(95% CI)2004 (n=565)(95% CI)2008 (n=545)(95% CI)
At least one cigarette advertisement with a price discount68.4(64.5 to 72.2)74.3(70.7 to 78.0)78.5(75.0 to 82.0)
Advertisements near candy12.5(9.8 to 15.2)12.9(10.1 to 15.7)1.1(0.2 to 1.9)
Advertisements at or below 3 feet78.6(75.2 to 82.0)77.9(74.5 to 81.3)31.0(27.1 to 34.9)
  • * 2002 data are use for comparison because the 2000 data for advertisements near candy and at or below 3 feet were not comparable with subsequent years.