Table 1

Major movie tobacco trend publications' description

AuthorsYearMovie trendYears coveredFilms sampledSample sizeDensity of samplingReliability level met
Tobacco movie portrayal has increased:
Stockwell and Glantz161997Up 1990–19961960–1990, 1990–1996Top 2035 films added to Hazan et al23Five per yearNot reported
Kacirk and Glantz172001Down 1960–1989, up 1990–20001960–1997, 1998–2000Top 2015 films added to Hazan et al,23 Stockwell and Glantz16, and Teti and Glantz24bFive per yearNot reported
Glantz et al182004Same in 2002 as 1950, up 1990s until 20021950–200220 top 20 films 1950–1959, 5 from 2001–200225 films added to Kacirk and Glantz17Average two films per year 1950–1959 and five from 2001–2002Not reported
Tobacco movie portrayal has not changed:
Hazan et al231994No change 1960–19901960–1990Top 2062 filmsTwo films per year 1960–1990Comparison ratio 0.92
Everett et al191998No change 1985–19951985–1995Top 10110 films10 per yearNot reported
Dalton et al202002No change 1988–19971988–1997Top 25250 films25 per yearAt least 70% agreement
The American Lung Association of Sacramento212004Same in 1994–1998 and 20031994–2003Top 50500 films50 per yearNot reported
Polansky and Glantz222007No change 1999–20061999–2006Nearly all available films per year ≥$500 000 in sales1261Nearly all major filmsNot reported
Titus, K et al24a2009No change 1991–20071991–2008Top ranked films1769Between 50 and 150 per yearNot reported
Tobacco movie portrayal has decreased:
Mekemson et al322004Modest downward trend 1991–20001991–2000Top 50497 films50 per yearκ>0.85
Worth et al372006Down in adolescent and adult characters 1996–20041996–2004Top 100900 films100 per yearInter-rater 99.6% agreement
Worth et al382006Down tobacco occurrences 1996–20041996–2004Top 100900 films100 per yearInter-rater correlation=0.99
Sargent and Heatherton52009Down 1990–20071990–2007Top 25450 films25 per yearInter-rater correlation 0.96