Table 1

Pack characteristics and physical properties for US and Australian Marlboro cigarettes

BrandColour of chevronDescriptor on packLength (mm)Filter (mm)Vent Tip (%)PDO* (mmwg)PDC* (mmwg)Tobacco (g)
Marlboro (USA)Rednil7919101031100.76
Marlboro Red (AU)Rednil842122951140.76
Marlboro Medium (USA)RedMedium8328261091350.70
Marlboro Blue (AU)Bluenil842124991220.73
Marlboro Lights (USA)GoldLights8327261151430.70
Marlboro Gold (AU)Goldnil8427421011480.72
Marlboro Ultralights (USA)SilverUltralights8327481061630.65
Marlboro Silver (AU)Silvernil842756851440.64
Marlboro Menthol (USA)GreenMenthol8321151041180.75
Marlboro Green (Au)Greennil8427521071690.68
  • Averages based on at least 10 measurements of each variety.

  • * Pressure drop measurements were made in with ventilation holes open (PDO) and closed (PDC).