Table 2

Prevalence estimates (weighted, unadjusted). US adult opinions of proposed policies to limit portrayals of smoking in movies. American Smoking and Health Survey 2 (ASHES-2) (2003)

% Agree% Disagree% Neutral/no opinion
Anti-smoking PSAs should be required before movies which show smoking (n=2808)
 Never smokers572715
 Former smokers552816
 Current smokers473617
Anti-smoking PSAs should be required before television movie trailers which show smoking (n=2796)
 Never smokers533017
 Former smokers533314
 Current smokers434017
Producers and actors should not be allowed to accept money for including smoking in movies (n=2790)
 Never smokers691219
 Former smokers721018
 Current smokers591823
Cigarette brand names and logos should not be allowed to appear in movies (n=2814)
 Never smokers671617
 Former smokers661915
 Current smokers533017
As with violence and sex, movies with smoking should be rated ‘R’ (n=2788)
 Never smokers384517
 Former smokers434115
 Current smokers384913
  • Cell counts may not add to 100% owing to refused or missing responses.

  • Sample size for each question varies owing to refused and missing responses.

  • PSAs, public service advertisements.