Table 3

Multivariable logistic regression models for odds of supporting policies to regulate smoking in movies, by exposure to tobacco-specific media messages. American Smoking and Health Survey (ASHES) 2 (2003)

Response in support of proposed policies to regulate smoking in movies
Anti-smoking PSAs should be required before movies which show smokingAnti-smoking PSAs should be required before movie trailers (TV) which show smokingProducers and actors should not be allowed to accept money for including smoking in moviesCigarette brand names and logos should not be allowed to appear in moviesAs with violence and sex, movies with smoking should be rated ‘R’
OR(95% CI)OR(95% CI)OR(95% CI)OR(95% CI)OR(95% CI)
Exposure to news coverage of tobacco or anti-tobacco information
 News: dangers to kids1.29**(1.06 to 1.58)1.23*(1.01 to 1.50)1.10(0.87 to 1.36)1.11(0.90 to 1.37)1.25*(1.02 to 1.53)
 Ads: dangers to kids1.16(0.95 to 1.44)1.26*(1.02 to 1.55)1.30*(1.08 to 1.63)1.39**(1.11 to 1.73)1.30**(1.05 to 1.61)
 Ads: talking to kids1.34***(1.10 to 1.62)1.22*(1.01 to 1.48)1.06(0.86 to 1.31)1.13(0.92 to 1.38)1.12(0.92 to 1.37)
Exposure to pro-tobacco advertising§
 Ads for cigarettes in newspaper0.94(0.78 to 1.15)1.06(0.87 to 1.28)1.18(0.96 to 1.46)1.35**(1.10 to 1.66)1.25*(1.02 to 1.52)
 Ads for cigarettes in magazine0.90(0.74 to 1.09)0.89(0.73 to 1.07)0.96(0.79 to 1.20)0.71***(0.58 to 0.87)0.79*(0.65 to 0.97)
 Ads for cigarettes on internet0.97(0.74 to 1.29)0.83(0.63 to 1.08)0.83(0.63 to 1.11)0.78(0.59 to 1.03)0.93(0.70 to 1.23)
  • * p<0.05

  • ** p<0.01

  • *** p<0.0001.

  • ORs and 95% CIs for fitted logistic regression models that describe respondent odds of supporting policies to regulate smoking portrayal in movies, by exposure to tobacco-specific media messages, controlling for smoking status, education, income, race/ethnicity, age, sex, knowledge of the negative effects of tobacco and state. All estimates are weighted.

  • Questions representing exposure to news coverage and anti-tobacco and pro-tobacco advertising were asked only of respondents who reported at least some media exposure in the past 30 days (eg, television, radio, newspaper, magazine or internet).

  • In past 30 days, saw news coverage or advertising about the dangers of kids being around cigarette smoke, or advertising about talking to kids about not smoking

  • § In past 30 days, saw advertising or promotions for cigarettes or other tobacco products in: newspaper, magazine or on the internet.

  • PSAs, public service advertisements.