Table 4

Multivariable logistic regression models showing no effect modification by smoking status in the prediction of support for policies to regulate the portrayal of smoking in movies, by tobacco-specific media exposure. American Smoking and Health Survey (ASHES) 2 (2003)

Response in support of proposed policies to regulate smoking in movies
Anti-smoking PSAs should be required before movies which show smokingAnti-smoking PSAs should be required before movie trailers (TV) which show smokingProducers and actors should not be allowed to accept money for including smoking in moviesCigarette brand names and logos should not be allowed to appear in moviesAs with violence and sex, movies with smoking should be rated ‘R’
OR(95% CI)OR(95% CI)OR(95% CI)OR(95% CI)OR(95% CI)
Exposure to news coverage of tobacco or anti-tobacco information*smoking status
News: dangers to kids*never1.00(0.61 to 1.62)1.26(0.77 to 2.05)0.88(0.53 to 1.46)0.99(0.98 to 1.01)1.06(0.64 to 1.75)
News: dangers to kids*former0.87(0.46 to 1.62)0.99(0.54 to 1.84)0.68(0.34 to 1.33)1.21(0.64 to 2.30)0.67(0.35 to 1.26)
Ads: dangers to kids*never0.86(0.52 to 1.43)0.86(0.51 to 1.43)1.29(0.76 to 2.19)1.13(0.67 to 1.91)1.01(0.59 to 1.71)
Ads: dangers to kids*former0.52(0.26 to 1.01)0.60(0.31 to 1.17)1.24(0.61 to 2.54)0.66(0.33 to 1.30)1.15(0.58 to 2.26)
Ads: talking to kids*never0.86(0.53 to 1.38)0.94(0.58 to 1.50)0.85(0.52 to 1.37)1.02(0.62 to 1.66)1.05(0.64 to 1.72)
Ads: talking to kids*former1.32(0.73 to 2.38)1.12(0.62 to 2.01)0.67(0.35 to 1.27)1.52(0.83 to 2.78)0.91(0.54 to 1.51)
Exposure to pro-tobacco advertising*smoking status
Ads for cig in newspaper*never0.60(0.36 to 0.99)0.78(0.47 to 1.28)1.31(0.78 to 2.19)0.99(0.59 to 1.65)0.90(0.54 to 1.51)
Ads for cig in newspaper*former0.75(0.40 to 1.38)1.01(0.55 to 1.85)1.36(0.70 to 2.63)1.33(0.70 to 2.52)1.03(0.55 to 1.91)
Ads for cig in magazine*never1.47(0.90 to 2.41)1.16(0.71 to 1.90)0.85(0.51 to 1.37)1.10(0.66 to 1.82)1.70(0.92 to 2.84)
Ads for cig in magazine*former1.74(0.96 to 3.16)1.02(0.56 to 1.83)0.68(0.35 to 1.27)1.02(0.55 to 1.88)1.78(0.97 to 3.28)
Ads for cig on internet*never1.54(0.79 to 2.97)1.41(0.72 to 2.75)0.58(0.29 to 1.15)1.11(0.57 to 2.17)1.36(0.68 to 2.71)
Ads for cig on internet*former1.24(0.52 to 2.96)1.81(0.76 to 4.30)0.54(0.22 to 1.33)1.08(0.44 to 2.61)1.28(0.53 to 3.11)
  • ORs and 95% CIs for fitted logistic regression models which include interaction terms for tobacco-specific media exposure variables and smoking status (never and former smokers compared to current smokers). All models control for the main effects of each smoking status and media exposure variable, education, income, race/ethnicity, age, sex, knowledge of the negative effects of tobacco and state. All estimates are weighted.

  • PSAs, public service advertisements.