Table 2

Smoking behaviours among smokers by type of smoking policy in their workplace imposed for 3 or 10 years

Policy in place for 3 yearsPolicy in place for 10 years
Restricted (N=33)%Smoke free (N=126)%Restricted (N=355)%Smoke free (N=106)%
Cigarettes smoked daily
 Very heavy6.80.9*
Time to first cigarette after waking (min)
Quitting intention
 No intention in next 6 months33.351.655.858.5
 Intend quitting within 6 months57.639.736.036.8
 Intend quitting within 1 month9.
No. of quitting attempts in past 12 months
Self-confidence about quitting
 Will not succeed6.19.510.110.4
 May not succeed18.212.716.311.3
 May succeed24.239.728.736.8
 Will succeed6.017.5*19.511.3
Willing to attend company cessation programme