Table 2 Awareness of tobacco marketing activities among Chinese smokers (n = 4763), by age
Total (%) (n = 4763)18–29 (%) (n = 242)30–44 (%) (n = 1405)45–59 (%) (n = 2044)60+ (%) (n = 1072)
Overall salience
Noticed things that encourage smoking in the last 6 months:*
Once in a while23.230.626.121.521.0
Noticed tobacco adverts (yes):
On television34.550.637.331.632.7
On radio14.215.413.613.116.5
On posters20.738.425.617.216.8
On billboards33.450.439.432.723.2
In newspapers, magazines19.124.818.818.519.4
In cinema6.
Over the internet3.816.
At workplace11.
On transport vehicles, stations18.026.619.816.316.9
In cafeterias/tea houses13.729.015.712.210.3
In discos, karaoke lounges10.430.
At point of sale
    in stores29.256.237.926.117.7
    around street vendors20.336.027.117.513.1
Any venue above62.679.671.458.854.6
Mean (SEM) number of venues noticed tobacco adverts2.34 (0.04)4.03 (0.22)2.76 (0.08)2.10 (0.06)1.86 (0.08)
Seen/heard sports event sponsorship (yes)
Seen/heard arts event sponsorship (yes)8.413.311.27.55.1
Any type of sponsorship27.951.637.025.115.8
Promotional activities:
Noticed/seen free samples of cigarettes (yes)13.823.721.711.45.8
Special price offers for cigarettes (yes)12.926.417.211.76.3
Gifts/discounts on other products (yes)22.532.627.622.214.3
Clothing with cigarette brand name (yes)11.432.615.39.64.8
Competitions linked to cigarettes (yes)8.521.
Any form of promotion38.559.650.037.021.4
Total noticing advertising, sponsorship and promotion in any channel75.687.784.473.964.7
Mean (SEM) overall number of channels of noticing advertising, sponsorship and promotion3.38 (0.05)6.02 (0.28)4.16 (0.10)3.03 (0.08)2.39 (0.09)
  • Group differences for all the individual variables of interest are significant at p<0.01 level based on Pearson χ2 test.

  • *About 2.4% of respondents chose “Don’t know” option.