Table 2

Percentages of survey respondents' self-reported lights and menthol use and relationships between use and beliefs

Malaysia (MY)Thailand (TH)Total
% Using lights
% Using menthol
% Agreeing that…
Lights less harmful
 Current user31.142.737.0
 Past user20.347.440.5
 Never user12.348.217.3
Lights make quitting easier
 Current user30.652.841.9
 Past user29.252.846.8
 Never user14.754.420.1
Lights are smoother
 Current user43.558.851.3
 Past user43.157.453.8
 Never user22.155.226.6
Menthols less harmful
 Current user43.438.941.1
 Past user14.833.829.1
 Never user10.733.614.8
Menthols smoother
 Current user59.261.760.5
 Past user40.446.645.0
 Never user27.137.528.9