Table 2

Descriptive statistics for adult smokers and for youth

Adult smokers
CharacteristicBeijing (n=95)Shanghai (n=103)Kunming (n=100)Yinchuan (n=98)Statistical test
 18–2963%60%49%48%χ2(9)=11.6 p=0.24
Household income/month
 <3000 yuan44%36%48%43%χ2(9)=17.8 p=0.038
 3000–6999 yuan35%29%29%28%
 7000+ yuan12%15%6%4%
 No Answer9%20%17%25%
Daily smokers83%79%79%78%χ2(3)=1.1 p=0.78
Cigarettes per day, mean (SD)12.5 (7.9)12.1 (8.1)11.1 (8.3)10.4 (8.2)F(3,387)=1.3 p=0.29
Ever tried to quit61%52%61%63%χ2(3)=2.9 p=0.41
Time to first cigarette
 <5 min26%22%22%18%χ2(9)=4.6 p=0.87
 5–30 min33%27%35%30%
 31–60 min15%21%18%21%
 >60 min25%30%25%31%
Self-rating of addiction to cigarettes: % somewhat or very addicted87%77%86%84%χ2(3)=4.9 p=0.18
How often noticed warning labels: % often or very often32%46%38%28%χ2(3)=8.2 p=0.04
How often warning labels make you think about the health risks of smoking: % a lot9%11%12%13%χ2(3)=0.8 p=0.86
CharacteristicBeijing (N=96)Shanghai (N=100)Kunming (N=100)Yinchuan (N=100)Statistical test
Age, mean (SD)15.4 (0.6)14.5 (1.3)14.9 (1.9)15.7 (1.0)F(3,392)=17.4 p<0.0001
Smoking status
 Never smoked98%90%79%85%Nondaily versus daily: χ2(3)=5.9 p=0.12
 Former smoker2%9%11%10%
 Nondaily smoker0%1%5%4%
 Daily smoker0%0%5%1%