Table 1

Latent factors and attitudinal questions

Latent factorsTobacco related knowledge, attitudinal or belief questions
SHSInhaling smoke from someone else's cigarette causes lung cancer in a nonsmoker.
Inhaling smoke from someone else's cigarette harms the health of babies and children.
I prefer to eat in restaurants that are smoke free.
All indoor worksites, including restaurants and cafeterias, should be smoke free.
AvailabilityMinors caught buying cigarettes should be fined.
Store owners should need a license to sell cigarettes (just like alcoholic beverages).
Cigarette vending machines should be totally prohibited.
Local communities should strongly enforce laws that prevent people from selling cigarettes to minors.
CPTIAdvertising tobacco products at sports and athletic events should be banned.
The ban on cigarette advertising should be extended to all print and electronic media.
The tobacco industry should not be permitted to offer products such as clothing or camping equipment in exchange for coupons on cigarette packs.
The distribution of free tobacco samples or coupons to obtain free samples by mail should not be permitted.
The tobacco industry spokespersons mislead the public when they say tobacco is not addictive.
Tobacco advertising encourages young people to start smoking.
Tobacco products regulationThe tobacco industry should be forced to put stronger warnings on all their potentially harmful products.
Tobacco products should be treated like other foods and drugs, with each package having full disclosure of potentially harmful contents.
Tobacco products should be regulated as a drug by a government agency such as the Food and Drug Administration.
  • CPTI, countering pro-tobacco influences in the community; SHS, secondhand smoke.