Table 1

Waterpipe accessories and their use

FilterA device that can be placed on the tip of the hose, within the water, or between the hose and the head. It is usually marketed with claims that it reduces exposure to nicotine and tar, having some kind of filtering function
MouthpieceA short plastic tip (a few centimetres long) fitted into the hose as an extension to it. When sharing a waterpipe, each person would have his/her own mouthpiece. When the hose is passed, the smoker removes it and passes the hose, the person taking up the hose to smoke places their own mouthpiece on the hose. These come in different shapes, colours and materials
Aluminium foilRound pieces of aluminium foil, especially shaped for use in moassel waterpipe preparation. Aluminium foil is used to cover the tobacco, the charcoal is then placed on the aluminium. For ajami tobacco waterpipes the charcoal is placed directly on the tobacco
CharcoalRound charcoal pellets especially made of appropriate size for use in waterpipe which can be lit more easily and faster than the traditional charcoal used