Table 2

Average self-reported cigarette pack price among smokers whose last purchase was a pack at both survey waves (MX$ November 2007)‡

BaselineFollow-upPercentage changen
All brands in the sample$20.15$22.7012.7%**490
All national brands in the sample$17.52$19.048.7%**107
All international brands in the sample§$21.05$23.8913.5%**320
  • *p<0.05; **p<0.01.

  • Other national brands (ie, Broadway, Faros and Fiesta) purchased by less than 2% of respondents.

  • Survey-adjusted means shown for respondents who purchased cigarette packs at both waves. Exchange rate for MX$ (Mexican peso):US$ approximately 11:1 at both assessments. International and national estimates assessed among respondents whose last cigarette pack purchase was of the same type at both waves, although the specific brand within each category could vary. Brand-specific estimates were assessed only among those who purchased the same brand at both waves.

  • § Other international brands (ie, Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, Salem) purchased by less than 2% of the respondents.