Table 1

Cigarette consumption of the population aged 15 years or over from interview-based and legal sales data, and the corresponding under-reporting of smoking. Italy, 1990 and 2001–2008

Population ≥15 years (millions)47.17348.83948.88449.17349.69850.20750.46850.80951.252
DOXA surveys:
 Sample size103332963238353530503114303930573035
 Smoking prevalence, %
 Number of cigarettes per day per smoker16.314.715.214.615.414.613.914.714.5
 Cigarettes per day per person5.
Legal sales:
 Tons sold per year90.901101.595102.932101.58298.84692.82293.80792.82192.000
 Cigarettes per day per person5.285.705.765.665.455.
Under-reporting of smoking, %1.224.629.928.825.926.233.630.935.1
  • DOXA, Italian branch of the Gallup International Association.