Table 1

Varying nicotine and menthol levels in a 1990 RJ Reynolds human smoking behaviour study influenced the smoking experience, but old products were preferable to new products.49

CigaretteNicotine (mg)Menthol (mg)Notes
Salem light 851.4300.725Satisfying; easy to draw and light; menthol and cool taste
Now menthol 850.4560.410Satisfying; easy to draw and light; menthol taste; cool taste, aftertaste; stays lit
NPT low nicotine/low menthol (L/L)0.4230.263Menthol taste; stays lit; less harsh
NPT low nicotine/high menthol (L/H)0.4720.678Less harsh; menthol taste; cool taste and aftertaste
NPT medium nicotine/low menthol (M/L)0.7450.268Least harsh; not easy to draw or light; less satisfying
NPT medium nicotine/medium menthol (M/M)0.7300.449Less harsh; least satisfying; not easy draw or light
NPT medium nicotine/high menthol (M/H)0.7590.619Less satisfying; not easy to draw or light; menthol taste
  • The information in this table was compiled from tables II and IV in the RJ Reynolds document.50