Table 2

Philip Morris tested Benson & Hedges Regular and Benson & Hedges Menthol cigarettes. Analysis of how a small test panel smoked the cigarettes demonstrated that total particulate matter (TPM), tar and nicotine levels, and puff counts were higher in the menthol cigarettes compared to the non-menthol ones.50

Benson & Hedges RegularAnalysisBenson & Hedges Menthol
18.9TPM, mg/cigt.20.8
14.9FTC Tar, mg/cigt.16.5
1.14Micotine, mg/cigt.1.33
1.9Water, mg/cigt.2.0
8.8Puff Count, puffs/cigt.9.1
4.7RTD, in. of H2O4.8
 Smoke, mg/cigt.0.46
 Filter, mg/plug1.57
 Rod, mg/cigt.1.68