Table 2

Evaluation of starter kit instruction manuals

Questions*Liberty StixSmoking Everywhere goldCrown Seven HydroNJOY NCIGVapCigsSmoking Everywhere Platinum
Set-up and general informationInitial battery charge: how and how long
Indicator light indicates need to recharge
Battery longevity
Atomiser longevity
Cartridge longevity
Nicotine amount (mg) in available cartridges
Storage information
Warranty available
Company information
Problems and solutions of previous clients
Disposal of cartridges and/or wrappers
AssemblyHow to connect atomiser to battery
How to remove plug from cartridge
How to connect cartridge from atomiser
How to smoke
Picture to help with assembly
Warnings/cautionsProduct to be used by adults only
Identify locations where smoking is banned
Warn that nicotine is addictive
Avoid direct contact with liquid
Surgeon General warning
Medical side effects
Not FDA approved
Keep away from children and/or pets
Temperature warnings
Total score66/10061/10037/10072/10012/10056/100
  • ✗Information not included in instruction manual.

  • ✓Information included in instruction manual.

  • * Each question was equal to four points with 100 total points possible.

  • One point each was given for address, phone, email and website.