Table 3

Pharmacy Support Programme: registration, counselling, and client record

Pharmacy personnel discussed stopping smoking133159
85.011362.3 9918.710.00001
Usefulness of discussion
1—Very useful33.8 4515.725
230.8 4129.547
317.3 2311.318
4—Not at all useful3.045.7 97.930.048
Asked about health131150
63.48345.3 689.110.0025
Advised on product strength132149
88.611775.2 1128.410.0037
Advised on how to use product135152
77.810571.1 1081.710.19
Reason which may have contributed to not smoking 6165
 Helpful support from pharmacy
Very much19.7 127.75
 Quite a lot13.1812.38
A little49.23036.9 24
 Not at all18.0 1143.1 2810.830.013
Helpful to always use the same pharmacy123145
55.36846.9 682.720.26
Talking to pharmacy staff helpful124
 It made no difference32.340
Helpful to know pharmacy keeping a record of progress124
It made no difference49.261
Tried before to stop smoking using an anti-smoking product126149
50.06355.7 830.8910.34
Comparison with previous attempt(s):
 Better49.23119.3 16
Same46.02973.5 61
Worse4.837.2 614.720.00064