Table 5

Significant predictors of successful smoking cessation in the final multivariate model with the 22 psychosocial, behavioural, and health covariates

VariablesMultivariate OR 95% CI
Social group5-150
Spouse smokes
 No spouse/cohabitant0.820.35–1.98
Age (years)
Stage of change (motivation to stop)
Precontemplation (did  not wish or try to quit)1
 Contemplation (wished  or tried to quit)2.28 1.33–3.77
Amount smoked (g/day)
PseudoR 2 0.13
p-Value Hosmer-Lemeshow χ2 0.44
  • OR = odds ratios, CI = confidence intervals.

  • 5-150 The participants were classified into five social strata, with I as the highest and V as the lowest (see text for definitions).