Table 5

Independent predictors of continued smoking among elementary schoolchildren in multiethnic, low-income, inner-city neighbourhoods, Montreal, Canada, 1993–1995

Independent predictorBoys (n = 229)Girls (n = 156)
OR5-15095% CIOR5-15095% CI
Age1.7 1.2–2.41.6 1.0–2.6
Friends who smoke
 None/don’t knowref.ref.
 Few/most/all1.81.0–3.32.7 1.2–5.7
Baseline smoking status
 Past smokerref.ns
 Current smoker2.61.4–5.0
  • 5-150 Adjusted odds ratios (OR) and 95% confidence intervals (95% CI) obtained from multiple logistic regression analyses containing all independent predictors. Confidence intervals sometimes include unity because of estimations in p values and confidence intervals.

  • ns = Not significant (factor did not meet the significance criterion of p⩽0.05).