Table 3

Language use and social environmental predictors of smoking status among baseline non-smokers between years 7–8 and years 8–9 among Sydney students (n = 3353)

Variables%Odds ratio95% CI
Year 752.71.00
Year 847.31.170.92–1.51
Think not acceptable to smoke10.61.00
Think acceptable to smoke89.41.811.32–2.49
Perceived benefits of smoking 3-150 1.121.06–1.19
Parents not discussed smoking36.41.00
Parents discuss smoking with student63.61.180.92–1.53
Father does not smoke74.21.00
Father smokes25.80.940.70–1.26
Mother does not smoke81.41.00
Mother smokes18.60.930.67–1.28
Brother does not smoke92.61.00
Brother(s) smokes7.41.731.19–2.52
Sister does not smoke93.81.00
Sister(s) smokes6.21.731.10–2.57
Close friends do not smoke70.41.00
Close friend(s) smokes29.62.321.80–3.00
Other close adults do not smoke44.21.00
Other close adult(s) smokes55.81.180.92–1.52
Speaks language other than English at home21.91.00
Speaks English at home78.11.421.01–1.99
  • 3-150 Continuous variable.

  • CI = confidence interval.