Table 4

Social environmental predictors of smoking status by language use among a cohort of years 7 and 8 Sydney students (3352)

VariablesLOTE (n=734)ES (n=2618)
OR95% CIOR95% CI
Year 71.00
Year 81.420.75–2.711.130.86–1.48
Think not acceptable to smoke1.00
Think acceptable to smoke1.140.38–3.451.921.38–2.69
Perceived benefits of smoking1.130.98–1.311.121.05–1.20
Parents not discussed smoking1.00
Parents discuss smoking with student1.240.64–2.451.170.89–1.55
Father does not smoke1.00
Father smokes1.450.76–2.770.820.59–1.15
Mother does not smoke1.00
Mother smokes1.170.54–2.540.890.62–1.26
Brother does not smoke1.00
Brother(s) smokes1.930.20–5.051.771.18–2.67
Sister does not smoke1.00
Sister(s) smokes1.360.40–4.651.781.17–2.70
Close friends do not smoke1.00
Close friend(s) smokes2.171.09–4.292.351.78–3.12
Other close adults do not smoke1.00
Other close adult(s) smokes0.760.47–1.671.260.95–1.66
  • ES = English speaking ; LOTE = language other than English; OR = odds ratio; CI = confidence interval.