Table 2

Timeline of major events (2007–2010)

DateMexico City (DF)National
19 April 2007Amendment to 2004 City law for 100% smokefree environmentsSupplied statistical data: SHS & cessation ratesSupplied reports of tobacco problems in MexicoHospitality Sector complaints
31 August 2007New smokers' rights group is formedFirst initiative for federal lawSupplied statistical dataSupplied reports of tobacco problems in MexicoFirst initiative negotiated by the tobacco industry
2 October 2007Amendment to allow DSAsAmbiguity complaintsAmbiguity complaintsHospitality sector complaints
December 2007–February 2008Reintroduced 100% smokefree environmentsWorked with NGOs on media campaigns‘Air Without Smoke is Life’ and ‘Breathe Respect’Arguments for the ‘right to smoke’House of congress approve federal lawAttempts to promote 100% smokefree placesSome denounce changes and some promote the lawBAT bulletin favours federal law complaints by tobacco growers
26 February 2008Legislative assembly passes City lawSupported 100% City lawSupported 100% City lawStill argued for the ‘right to smoke’Senate passes federal lawSupported federal lawSome supported some opposedStill argued for the ‘right to smoke’
4 April 2008City law comes into effect Regulations are publishedPublished regulations very quicklyAgreed quick approval of Regulations helped successConfusion over which law applied in Mexico City
April 2008–December 2008Implementing the City lawWorked with NGOs on media campaignMedia campaign ‘Thanks to you’ and ‘We all Breathe the Same Air’Hospitality sector complaints and legal challenge to City lawMedia campaign ‘We All Breathe the Same Air’Supported media campaign
  • BAT bulletin creating confusion

August 2008–April 2009Compliance for the City lawCompliance reports (80%, 90% and 95%)Supported compliance resultsHospitality sector applying federal law DSAsFederal law comes into effect but no RegulationsINSP lobbied COFEMERFIC and ACTA lobbied COFEMERBAT, PMM, and CANIRAC lobbied COFEMER
30 May 2009Complain about weak enforcingFederal law regulation publishedAgree with filtration systems
3 September 2009Supreme Court rules in favour of City lawSupported Supreme Court decisionSupported Supreme Court decisionSupreme Court rules in favour of City lawSupported Supreme Court decisionSupported Supreme Court decision
6 January 2010Federal law amended ‘must’ back to ‘may’Supported decisionSupported decision