Table 6

Relationship between selected hospital characteristics and the likelihood of restricting smoking beyond the requirements of the JCAHO smoking ban standard

Hospital characteristicTotal number of hospitals% Exceeding standard Odds ratio
(95% CI)
Located in a non-tobacco-growing state75949.02.94 (2.14–4.05)
Located in metropolitan statistical area69445.51.41 (1.08–1.85)
No moderate-to-severe barriers to policy implementation48543.91.08 (0.85–1.39)
Employees moderately to very involved in one or more of first 4 planning activities70543.11.04 (0.79–1.36)
Type of ownership
 State/local government19243.20.96 (0.69–1.33)
 For profit20040.00.84 (0.60–1.16)
 Federal government2931.00.56 (0.25–1.26)
Type of hospital
 Children’s hospital1894.4Referent
 General hospital85140.90.04 (0.005–0.31)
 Psychiatric and chemical/alcohol dependency9349.50.06 (0.007–0.45)
 Other specialty5246.10.05 (0.006–0.41)
Less than 100 beds30852.01.74 (1.32–2.29)
Psychiatric unit
 No unit in hospital50446.2Referent
 Unit with same policy as hospital24257.81.60 (1.17–2.18)
 Unit with less restrictive policy22221.20.31 (0.22–0.45)
No dedicated psychiatric beds55046.21.40 (1.08–1.82)
Substance abuse unit
 No unit in hospital63444.5Referent
 Unit with same policy as hospital18456.51.62 (1.17–2.26)
 Unit with less restrictive policy14120.60.32 (0.21–0.50)
No dedicated alcohol/chemical dependency beds76444.11.33 (0.96–1.85)
Cancer programme approved by American College of Surgeons25242.50.98 (0.73–1.30)
Affiliation with an LCME-accredited medical school21243.41.03 (0.76–1.39)
Hospital has unionised employees24053.31.74 (1.30–2.33)
Hospital programmes
 Community health promotion78942.40.94 (0.67–1.32)
 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease services65243.11.05 (0.80–1.38)
 Fitness centre23643.61.05 (0.78–1.41)
 Patient education programme86143.31.29 (0.83–2.00)
 Worksite health promotion63743.11.04 (0.79–1.36)
 Medical or dental residency21946.11.18 (0.88–1.60)
Psychiatry services available
 Child psychiatric services32142.10.96 (0.73–1.26)
 Consulting48841.60.91 (0.70–1.18)
 Education35041.10.90 (0.69–1.18)
 Emergency52041.70.92 (0.71–1.18)
 Geriatric37740.60.86 (0.66–1.13)
 Outpatient37342.60.99 (0.76–1.29)
 Subsidiary unit1520.00.33 (0.09–1.18)
3–7 psychiatry services (vs 0–2)39540.20.84 (0.65–1.09)
  • JCAHO = Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations; LCME = Liaison Committee on Medical Education; CI = confidence interval.