Table 2

Household restrictions on smoking indoors and personal changes in smoking behaviour for the sake of the child

“Yes” (%)pn
Q: Are there any rules in your home to limit your own or others’ smoking indoors?
All households753453
 Smoking behaviour
  Households with smokers78ref.1074
  Smoke-free households730.0062379
Q: Have you ever tried to change your smoking habits for the sake of your child?
All ever-smokers (current + former smokers)801558
 Smoking status
  Current smokers (daily + occasional)82ref.1033
  Former smokers760.010525
Mothers (ever-smokers)831031
 Marital status
Fathers (ever-smokers)72526
  • Ref. = reference category for significance test.

  • 2-150  The cutoffs for age and level of education are the same as in table3.