Table 3

Exposure of children to ETS at home during the course of a week, according to number of parents who smoke in the household, level of household education, and family structure

Exposing children (%)pNo cigarettes3-150n
All households 25383454
Parents smoking daily
Households containing parents who smoke 57391064
Family structure
 Two parents55ref.41935
 Single parent73<0.00130129
  • 3-150  Number of cigarettes smoked in the vicinity of the children per week (25% of the respondents living in households where children were exposed weekly to ETS did not cite the number of cigarettes to which their children were exposed. The figures in this column are based on the mean of the 75% who answered.)

  • Ref. = reference category for significance test.

  • 3-151  Low ⩽2 years after 9 years of compulsory school; medium 2.1–4.0 years; high ⩾4 years.