Table 4

Percentage of homes with detectable levels of cotinine in non-smoker's urine, nicotine on non-smoker's fingers and nicotine in house household dust, air and surfaces

Cut-off*Part 1: original occupants, percentage ≥ cut-off valuePart 2: new non-smoker occupants, percentage ≥ cut-off value
Urine cotinine0.30 ng/ml
 Non-smoker homes108
 Smoker homes9740
Finger nicotine50.0 ng/wipe
 Non-smoker homes20
 Smoker homes9335
Air nicotine living room0.10 μg/m3
 Non-smoker homes625
 Smoker homes9044
Air nicotine bedroom0.10 μg/m3
 Non-smoker homesNANA
 Smoker homes7839
Surface nicotine living room5.0 μg/m2
 Non-smoker homes1619
 Smoker homes8654
Surface nicotine bedroom5.0 μg/m2
 Non-smoker homesNANA
 Smoker homes7544
Dust nicotine living room5.0 μg/g
 Non-smoker homes2819
 Smoker homes9084
Dust nicotine bedroom5.0 μg/g
 Non-smoker homesNANA
 Smoker homes8470
Dust nicotine living room5.0 μg/m2
 Non-smoker homes3125
 Smoker homes9160
Dust nicotine bedroom5.0 μg/m2
 Non-smoker homesNANA
 Smoker homes6452
  • * Cut-offs were established to discriminate between smoker and non-smoker homes.

  • Wipes were 0.1 m × 0.1 m; 50 ng/wipe is equivalent to 5.0 μg/m2.