Table 3

Mean (SD) of physical characteristics of cigarettes from different studies

China (current study)O'Connor et al (2008)18Counts et al (2005)22
No tested7817248
Pressure drop109.6*11.498.615.3NR
Ventilation6.4* 10.737.821.637.322.1
Tobacco rod length61.7*2.659.93.3NR
Tipping paper length28.92.628.23.1NR
Tobacco weight683.3*36.9640.079.1679.086.8
Rod density243.2*11.7229.123.7NR
Filter density114.2*5.3122.210.9NR
Paper permeability53.39.6NR45.016.5
  • * significantly different from O'Connor et al18 at p<0.0001 by t test.

  • significantly different from Counts et al22 at p<0.001 by t test.

  • NR, not reported.