Table 3

Point-of-sale advertising by store type in Guatemala City. 2008

Big store/pharmacySmall storeGas stationSuper market
Stores with exterior ads (%)00240<0.001
Stores (%*) with interior ads.<0.001
Stores (%) with interior ads than can be seen from the outside.02913170.1
Mean (%,SD) of space occupied in front of the client15.00 (4.47)15.00 (5.63)22.19 (8.56)11.67 (5.16)0.001
Stores (%) with tobacco ads or products <50 cm of candy864794100<0.001
Stores (%) with ‘No smoking’ signs142.3560<0.001
Stores (%) with ‘No sales to minors’ signs02.32500.002
Stores (%) within 100 metres of a school14772557<0.001
  • * Percentages do not add up to 100% owing to rounding.

  • %, SD: Refers to the mean and the SD of the total percentage of space that the cigarette counter occupied in front of the client.