Table 2

Association of smoke yields (mg per cigarette) with the weight of tobacco used and the choice of cigarette paper

Tobacco weight (g)Brand of paperNo of resultsCONicotineTarPorosity (Coresta2-150 units)
0.75A1523.9 (1.2)2.80 (0.20)35.7 (2.2)20
0.75B1522.2 (2.4)2.68 (0.11)31.4 (1.5)19
0.75C1018.5 (1.8)2.26 (0.12)26.6 (1.9)77
0.5A1018.5 (1.8)2.00 (0.13)23.8 (1.7)20
0.5B1014.6 (2.0)2.10 (0.19)23.5 (3.0)19
0.5C1014.8 (1.9)1.85 (0.10)20.7 (1.7)77
  • All yield figures are means from the stated number of replicates (standard deviations in parentheses). Porosity values are the means of 20 measurements for each brand of paper.

  • 2-150 Ratio of the air flow (volume per unit time) per unit of surface area of the cigarette paper to the difference in pressure across the paper. This is expressed in cubic centimetres per minute per square centimetre per kilopascal (Coresta units).

  • CO = carbon monoxide.