Table 3

The relationship between smoke yields (mg per cigarette) and the use of filters under standardised cigarette-making conditions

Tobacco weight (g)Filter usedNo of resultsCONicotineTarNicotine retained (%)
0.75None1523.9 (1.2)2.80 (0.20)35.7 (2.2)NA
0.75Standard1524.1 (2.1)1.46 (0.17)19.3 (2.0)ND
0.59Standard1221.1 (1.4)1.22 (0.09)16.0 (1.5)57 (6)
0.59Slimline1224.4 (0.5)2.49 (0.21)28.8 (0.7)34 (1)
  • The smoke yield figures are means from the stated number of replicates (standard deviations in parentheses). Nicotine retained on the filter is expressed as a percentage of the sum of smoke nicotine and nicotine retained on the filter; these figures are each the mean (standard deviation in parentheses) of three determinations.

  • CO = carbon monoxide; NA = not applicable; ND = not determined.