Table 2

Reported cigarette and cigarette butt ingestions by domestic animals, USA, 2005–10*

SpeciesCigarette and butt ingestion calls (n)No symptomatic at time of call (%)Age range (years)Weight range (kg)Dose range (mg/kg)Mortality (n)
Avian201–8Unknown and 0.5 kg450
Canine801363 (45.3)0.1–162–105 lb0.08–1421
Feline4111 (26.8)0.1–151.98–9.01.69–1700
Rodent11 (100)10.5Unknown0
Turtle11 (100)153.61.9
  • * Sources: Pet Poison Help Line, Bloomington, MN and ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, Urbana, IL.

  • ASPCA data only.

  • Euthanised case assessed by ASPCA veterinarian as doubtful owing to toxicity (time, findings and history not consistent with exposure).