Table 3

Normalised probit and ordinary least squares estimates, full model3-150

Smoking participation (n=97 882)Cigarettes/day 3-151 (n=19 956)
Coefficient (95% confidence interval)
Smoke-free workplace−0.057 (−0.065 to −0.049)−2.67 (−3.05 to −2.28)
Work area ban and any common area restrictions−0.026 (−0.035 to −0.017)−1.48 (−1.89 to −1.08)
Partial work area and partial common area restrictions 0.005 (−0.007 to 0.016)−0.57 (−1.08 to −0.05)
Dependent variable mean 0.25019.3
  • 3-150 Also included but not shown were controls for household size; log of real income; an indicator for income missing; marital status; length of work week; education; race; month of survey; and state, industry, and occupation indicators.

  • 3-151 Cigarettes/day models include only smokers in the sample.