Table 3

Employment and the estimated cost of absenteeism caused by smoking: Scotland 1997

Male workers Female workers Total
 Full time9020005590001461000
 Part time109000460000569000
Estimated number of smokers
 Full time299464202358501882
 Part time36188166520202708
Smoking employees2949263-150 2520153-150 5470413-150
Excess sickness absence per annum (hours)212346818145073937975
Wage per hour (including NICs)£11.22£9.05
Cost of absenteeism£23825313£16426735 £40252048
  • 3-150 Part time workers included as working 15.2 hours per week time worker.16

  • Source: Labour Market Trends, August 1999.

  • NICs, National Insurance contributions.